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Amongst other services, we help startups with:

1. Business Entity Formation: Assisting with the selection and formation of the appropriate legal structure for the startup, such as a limited liability company or otherwise.

2. Contract Drafting and Review: Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various types of contracts, including client agreements, vendor contracts, SAFEs, employment contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Website Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Founders’ Agreement, Investment Agreement/Term Sheet e.t.c

3. Intellectual Property Protection: Advising on and helping with the protection of intellectual property assets, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents. This may involve conducting trademark searches, filing trademark applications, and drafting licensing agreements.

4. Compliance and Regulatory Matters: Assisting startups in understanding and complying with applicable laws and regulations specific to their industry, such as data privacy regulations NDPR, CBN and SEC regulations..

5. Fundraising and Financing: Advising on fundraising strategies and assisting with the preparation of legal documents for fundraising efforts, such as private placement memorandums, term sheets, and shareholder agreements. This may include guidance on crowdfunding, angel investment, venture capital, or other funding options.

6. Employment Law: Providing legal guidance on matters related to hiring employees, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, and other employment-related issues.

7. Corporate Governance: Assisting with corporate governance matters, including board of directors’ meetings, shareholder agreements, and compliance with corporate formalities.

8. Dispute Resolution: Representing the startup’s interests in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation in case of disputes, including contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, or employment-related disputes.

9. Regulatory Compliance: Advising on compliance with industry-specific regulations, such as healthcare regulations for health tech startups or financial regulations forfintech startups.

10. General Legal Counsel: Providing ongoing legal advice and guidance on a wide range of legal issues that may arise during the startup’s operations, including risk management, tax matters, and strategic legal planning.

At the early stages of your startup, we provide comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of your company’s formation. We help you choose the right entity, structure your capital, and draft bylaws and agreements to protect your interests. We also advise on corporate compliance and policies, board formation, and employment and confidentiality agreements. With our guidance, you can establish processes and policies to safeguard your intellectual property and transfer ownership from founders and other third parties to your startup venture.

Our startup lawyers work closely with you in structuring founder stock to minimize potential conflicts with the company and outside investors. We understand the importance of seed and angel financing in your startup’s lifecycle, and we help you navigate the complexities of raising capital in a timely and financially conservative manner. We leverage our strong relationships with the angel investment community to support your capital-raising efforts by making introductions, providing counsel on preparation and execution, and offering guidance on evolving models of seed financing.

When it comes to venture financing, we have collectively represented over 120 startups in outside rounds of financing. We understand the challenges involved in securing venture capital and bring our experience representing venture investors to help you structure and negotiate term sheets for financing. We pay special attention to legal structuring and processes that will be important in a venture financing process, ensuring that you can close the diligence process and legal documentation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As part of our representation, we offer strategic advice and assistance in forming and maintaining an effective board of directors during your startup’s initial phase. We review your business plans and help you identify appropriate financing sources based on your business model, organizational needs, and strategic direction. We attend board meetings and provide counsel on identifying key strengths and weaknesses before approaching financing sources.

The startup world is highly competitive, and time is of the essence. Every day that your startup operates without a solid legal foundation is a risk to your intellectual property and potential funding. Without the right legal structures in place, you risk facing costly disputes, lost investments, and even the collapse of your business.

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Ladi A.
    Ladi A.

    Working with Tayo Ismail and Vassalcrest Attorneys has been nothing short of exceptional! Tayo's deep understanding of our business and his ability to offer innovative and practical solutions to our unique challenges have been invaluable. The level of professionalism and integrity demonstrated by Tayo and his team is truly commendable. They paid meticulous attention to every detail and went above and beyond to develop the best possible legal strategies for our business. The collaborative approach was highly effective, and Tayo's patience and expertise ensured that I fully understood the complexities involved. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Tayo and I wholeheartedly recommend him and Vassalcrest Attorneys as a trusted and reliable partner.


      As a US based law firm, we needed a Nigerian Attorney to help us protect our client's intellectual property. A disgruntled former employee in Nigeria was holding himself out as our client's partner and entering into contracts with people. We searched online and partnered with Vassalcrest Attorneys. Their distinctive way of handling this case was all we needed in a Nigerian legal partner.


        We have a retainer agreement with Vassalcrest Attorneys. They draft and review all our contracts. We chose them as our lawyers in 2019 when they helped us beat a 55 Million Naira law suit. I will gladly recommend them over and over again.

        Startup Lawyers- Our Experience

        1. Helped a Venture Capital company based in California conduct legal due dilligence on a startup here in Nigeria.

        2. Drafted an Anti Money Laundering compliance Policy for one of the first Islamic Digital banks.

        3. Advised a proptech startup that recently raised over 7 million USD on the regulatory compliance at the Security Exchange Commission as regards tokenized real estate.

        4. Advised two NFT projects with a cummulative trading volume of $1.9m on the position of the Central Bank of Nigeria and SEC on cryptocurrency transactions.

        5. Advised a fintech company based in Germany that was interested in registering a subsidiary in Nigeria on the best corporate structure to have.

        6. Our tech lawyers have helped a local angel investor who was desirous of investing $100k to conduct due dilligence on a start up incorporated here in Nigeria.

        7. Drafted a SLA for a company desirous of sharing their IMTO license with a tech startup.

        8. Advised and drafted incorporation documents and contracts for an healtech startup that recently raised $650,000.

        9. Advised a startup based in Greece on the Nigerian legal system as they were interested in the Nigerian market.

        10. Our startup lawyers have advised a fintech startup on the procurement of the necessary licences to carry out digital lending in Nigeria.

        11. Reviewed employment contracts for web2 and web3 developers who recently secured remote jobs in foreign tech companies.

        Startup Lawyer FAQs

        Who Is A Startup Lawyer?

        A startup lawyer is an attorney who specializes in providing legal advice and assistance to startup companies. We all know Nigerian laws can be a bit complicated for non-lawyers. On the other hand, Startup lawyers in Nigeria have expertise in the unique legal issues that arise during the formation, growth, and operation of a startup company.

        Startup attorneys can help with a variety of legal matters, including business formation, fundraising, intellectual property protection, contract drafting and negotiation, employment law, and regulatory compliance. They work closely with startup founders and entrepreneurs to identify potential legal risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

        In addition to their legal expertise, we often have a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and we provide valuable business advice and connections to other professionals in the industry. Our goal is to help startups drive through the complex legal bumpy roads and achieve the business objectives of the company.

        What does a Startup Lawyer do and why do you need one?

        Now, Startup lawyers play a very crucial role in helping founders turn their ideas into successful businesses. 

        They work closely with the leads of these high growth companies and their teams to provide legal guidance and support at every stage of the startup lifecycle. 

        Some of the tasks that startup lawyers typically undertake include drafting and reviewing legal agreements, advising on company formation and structure, assisting with fundraising and venture capital transactions, protecting intellectual property, and managing compliance and regulatory issues.

         It is common knowledge in the startup ecosystem that not having good startup lawyers is a major reason why so many startups fail.

        What do you look for in a startup lawyer?


        When looking for a startup lawyer, there are several important qualities to consider. Firstly, it’s essential to find a lawyer who has experience working with startups and understands the unique challenges and opportunities that these businesses face. 

        The lawyer should be well-versed in the legal issues that arise during the startup journey and have a track record of successfully representing startup clients. Additionally, a good startup lawyer should be responsive, accessible, and able to provide practical and actionable legal advice that aligns with the company’s goals and objectives.

        Top Startup Law Firm in Nigeria?

        In Nigeria, there are several law firms that specialize in providing legal services to startups and early-stage businesses. One of the best startup law firms in Nigeria is Vassalcrest Attorneys. Some of our lawyers double as developers who also own their own startups. If it is startup legal advisory, you can count on us.

        In addition to that, Nigeria has been experiencing a growth in startups in recent years, with many entrepreneurs seeking to turn their ideas into successful businesses. However, worrying about the legal aspect of running a startup can be quite stressful for founders. This is where the services of a top startup law firm come in. Vassalcrest Attorneys is a top startup law firm in Nigeria that addresses these needs.

        Vassalcrest Attorneys (VA) which is widely regarded as one of the foremost startup law firms in Nigeria is a boutique law firm that has been providing legal services to startups and other businesses for over 13 years. The firm has a team of experienced lawyers who are knowledgeable in the Nigerian legal landscape and are equipped to provide quality legal services to High growth companies.

        We provide a range of legal services to startups, including company registration, intellectual property protection, and corporate governance. The firm also provides legal advice on investment agreements, contracts, and regulatory compliance. VA has been involved in conducting various due diligence checks on behalf of  foreign and local Angel investors and Venture Capitalists before they invest in Nigerian Startups.

        One of the reasons why VA is regarded as a top startup law firm is its thorough understanding of the tech eco-sysytem and the unique needs of these businesses. We immerse ourselves into the challenges that startups face and work closely with our clients to provide tailored legal solutions that meet their specific needs. VA also provides our services at competitive rates, making it an affordable option for startups.

        In addition to our legal services, VA is also committed to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria. That’s why we sometimes provide free trainings, resources and support to startups in various sectors, including fintech, edtech, and healthcare.

        In conclusion, if you are a startup founder in Nigeria, it is important to work with a leading startup law firm that understands the legal landscape and can provide quality legal services that meets your specific needs.

        With our commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, VA is definitely a firm to consider when seeking legal services for your startup.

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