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Intellectual Property Law Firm in Nigeria

Experienced Intellectual property Lawyers in Nigeria.

Protecting, managing and commercialising IP assets is crucial for any market-leading business seeking a competitive advantage. To do this, one needs and requires the guidance of experienced specialists.

Welcome to Vassalcrest Attorneys, a leading Intellectual Property law firm in Nigeria. Our team of expert lawyers advises local and Foreign clients across the full spectrum of IP law, including patents, copyright, brand protection, trade marks, cyber security, and anti-counterfeiting. We specialize in IP enforcement and consistently work at the cutting edge of Intellectual Property law.



At Vassalcrest Attorneys, we understand that your intellectual property is more than just a bunch of legal documents. It’s the sweat, tears, and hard work that you’ve poured into your business. That’s why we’re here to help you protect it. 

Our expertise in IP law has earned us recognition as leading Intellectual Property lawyers amongst our clients in Nigeria. Our clients come from diverse industries such as tech, content, entertainment, software, FMCG, mining, and financial services.

We provide a range of services that includes IP enforcement, brand protection, and commercializing IP assets. As a top intellectual property law firm in Nigeria, we advise on all aspects of IP protection, enforcement, and recovery. 

We also provide brand protection services that cover everything from strategic filing advice and clearance searches through to the registration, defense of registrations, and enforcement and recovery of trademarks, domain names, and associated company and business names. Our team has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting strategic licensing and assignment agreements, content agreements for internet and traditional businesses, and protecting confidential information and trade secrets.

As a top Intellectual property law firm in Nigeria, we are super passionate about protecting your intellectual property and making sure your business thrives. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or a seasoned business owner, we’re here to help you understand the complex world of IP law.

Our team of Intellectual property legal experts are always one step ahead, providing you with creative solutions and top-notch representation. We know that your business goals are at the forefront of everything you do, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure that your commercial objectives are achieved.

When you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your intellectual property is in good hands. So why wait? Let’s get started on protecting your business and securing your future today!



1. Registration and protection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

2. Registering products with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)

3. Conducting IP due diligence for venture capital and private equity investments.

4. Advising clients on IP issues related to franchising.

5. Drafting and reviewing IP licensing and assignment agreements.

6. Conducting IP audits and portfolio management.

7. Filing oppositions and cancellation actions against infringing trademarks.

8. Conducting searches to identify potential IP conflicts.

9. Litigating IP disputes in court.

10. Advising on IP issues related to mergers and acquisitions.

11. Providing advice on IP issues related to technology transfer.

12. Advising on IP issues related to e-commerce and online businesses.

13. Drafting and reviewing IP-related contracts.

14. Conducting IP training and workshops for clients.

15. Advising on IP issues related to advertising and marketing.

16. Conducting IP investigations and providing enforcement strategies.

17. Advising on IP issues related to domain names and cybersquatting.

18. Providing advice on IP issues related to data privacy and security.

19. Advising on IP issues related to entertainment and media.

20. Conducting IP valuation for businesses.

21. Advising on IP issues related to international trade and cross-border transactions.

22. IP mediation and arbitration.

23. Registering domain names with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA).

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Ladi A.
    Ladi A.

    Working with Tayo Ismail and Vassalcrest Attorneys has been nothing short of exceptional! Tayo's deep understanding of our business and his ability to offer innovative and practical solutions to our unique challenges have been invaluable. The level of professionalism and integrity demonstrated by Tayo and his team is truly commendable. They paid meticulous attention to every detail and went above and beyond to develop the best possible legal strategies for our business. The collaborative approach was highly effective, and Tayo's patience and expertise ensured that I fully understood the complexities involved. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Tayo and I wholeheartedly recommend him and Vassalcrest Attorneys as a trusted and reliable partner.


      As a US based law firm, we needed a Nigerian Attorney to help us protect our client's intellectual property. A disgruntled former employee in Nigeria was holding himself out as our client's partner and entering into contracts with people. We searched online and partnered with Vassalcrest Attorneys. Their distinctive way of handling this case was all we needed in a Nigerian legal partner.


        We have a retainer agreement with Vassalcrest Attorneys. They draft and review all our contracts. We chose them as our lawyers in 2019 when they helped us beat a 55 Million Naira law suit. I will gladly recommend them over and over again.


        1. IP Audit Services: We have provided clients with a comprehensive review of their intellectual property portfolio to identify potential legal and commercial risks, opportunities for growth and improvement, and recommendations for protecting and enforcing their IP rights.

        2. IP Due Diligence: Our firm has conducted in-depth investigations and assessments of the IP assets of three target companies for some of our clients considering acquisitions and investments.

        3. IP Strategy: We have helped our clients develop and implement an IP strategy that aligns with their business objectives, including the identification, protection, and management of their IP assets.

        4. IP Portfolio Management: We constantly provide ongoing support to clients in managing and maintaining their IP portfolios, including renewals, maintenance, and record-keeping.

        5. IP Transactions: Our firm has advised clients on IP transactions, including licensing, franchising, technology transfer, and joint ventures.

        6. IP Enforcement: We represent foreign and local clients in enforcing their IP rights, including litigation, cease and desist letters, and alternative dispute resolution. We have worked with lawyers in foreign jurisdictions to enforce their clients’ IP rights in Nigeria by writing cease and desist letters.

        7. IP Education and Training: We constantly offer training and education programs to clients on IP laws and best practices for managing and protecting their IP assets.

        8. IP Commercialization: We help clients identify and leverage commercial opportunities associated with their IP assets, including licensing, joint ventures, and other collaborative agreements.

        Intellectual Property Law FAQs

        1. What is intellectual property law, and why do I need it??

        Intellectual property law is a legal framework that governs the creation, ownership, and protection of various types of intangible assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. As a business owner, you need to protect your intellectual property to prevent others from using, selling or benefiting from your ideas, products or services. IP Law firms in Nigeria help you navigate the these legal framework.

        2. What types of intellectual property can be protected in Nigeria?

        Nigeria recognizes and protects several types of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets, and geographical indications.

        3. How do I register my intellectual property in Nigeria?

        To register your intellectual property in Nigeria, you need to submit an application to the relevant government agency responsible for the specific type of IP you want to protect. For example, the Nigerian Copyright Commission handles copyright registration, while the Nigerian Trademark Registry handles trademark registration.

        4. What is the duration of intellectual property protection in Nigeria?

        The duration of intellectual property protection in Nigeria varies depending on the type of IP. For example, patents are protected for 20 years from the date of filing, while trademarks are protected for an initial period of 7 years, renewable indefinitely in subsequent 14-year period

        5. How can I enforce my intellectual property rights in Nigeria?

        You can enforce your intellectual property rights in Nigeria by taking legal action against infringers. This may involve filing a lawsuit in court, sending a cease and desist letter, or pursuing alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation.

        6. How can an intellectual property law firm help me protect my IP?

        An intellectual property law firm can help you understand the confusing legal framework of IP protection in Nigeria. They can assist with registering and managing your IP portfolio, conducting IP audits and due diligence, providing legal advice on IP transactions and enforcement, and representing you in court if necessary.

        7. How much does it cost to hire an intellectual property law firm in Nigeria?

        The cost of hiring an intellectual property law firm in Nigeria varies depending on the scope of work involved, the complexity of the legal issues, and the reputation and experience of the law firm. It is best to discuss the fees and billing arrangements with the law firm before engaging their services.

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