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Welcome to Vassalcrest Attorneys.

Our team of highly skilled attorneys specializes in a wide array of legal practice areas, including contract law, corporate law, software and technology law, commercial property law, construction law, media law, dispute resolution and litigation, employment law, employee share incentive schemes, and international law. Click on the links provided to explore more about our expertise in each practice area

Services provided our Commercial Law Firm.

StartUp Legal Advisory.

We offer tailored legal counsel for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. From entity formation to contract drafting and IP protection, we're here to ensure your startup's legal framework is solid for long-term success

Intellectual Property Law

Protect your innovations with Vassalcrest Attorneys. From patents to trademarks, we safeguard your IP rights to fuel your business success.

Fintech Law

Unlock the full potential of your fintech venture with our expert legal support. From navigating regulatory landscapes to raising funds, we ensure your fintech company navigates legal complexities seamlessly.

White Collar Crime and fraud investigations.

Our experts provide robust defense against white-collar crime allegations, ensuring your interests are protected

Venture Capital Law

We specialize in strategic counsel for startups and investors, ensuring seamless navigation of venture capital complexities

Data Privacy Law

From privacy policies to breach response strategies, we offer comprehensive legal protection against cybersecurity threats.

N.G.O and Charity

We offer cost-effective legal solutions to ensure your organization operates smoothly and fulfills its philanthropic goals

Of all other firms, why choose us?

We have built Vassalcrest Attorneys to a law firm we'd rather work with if we were clients and not lawyers. Here's why clients choose us:


Responsiveness and Communication.

We provide timely updates on the progress of your case.


A Passion for Results.

Depending on our clients' legal issues, our approach is always pragmatic and relentless till we achieve the desired results.


Expert Legal Advice

As business lawyers, we carefully analyze the legal pitfalls your business is prone to, consider the applicable laws, and find a way to navigate through the complex relationships involved. Our aim is to ensure your business thrives despite the complexities of the legal proces



We are Lawyers but we don't specialize in all legal fields. Where we can't help, we inform you early enough and if you request, we direct you to other Lawyers  who specialize in such legal space.


Team Work

We work with a network of highly experienced consultants in other fields to get your business glaring results.


Non-Traditional Legal Practice.

The business world has evolved. We believe law firms should too. Your decision to invest in our legal expertise should not be rewarded with an out of time approach. We work with legaltech tools to get legal issues solved faster.