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Running a Business can be Overwhelming; PROTECTING it shouldn't be.

At Vassalcrest Attorneys, we understand that Law can be quite complicated for business owners and creatives. That’s why for years, we have helped our clients make sense of it. We do this by providing legal protection for our clients, their businesses, ideas and assets. In other words, we take care of the “scary legal stuff”.

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At Vassalcrest Attorneys, our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional legal services is at the heart of everything we do. We take immense pride in ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Yet, we understand that actions speak louder than words.

    Mr. Abiodun Oyelaja

    CEO, Motion Yield LTD

    When it comes to legal representation, having a lawyer is undoubtedly crucial. However, having lawyers who possess the keen ability to discern when to negotiate and when to assert the full force of the law is an invaluable asset. Tayo and his exceptional team at Vassalcrest Attorneys have consistently proven themselves to be our trusted legal advisors

      Mr Olawale
      Mr Olawale


      They have helped us as startup founders to review all our contracts . Each time, we learn that contracts might be written in English language, but English alone will not be enough to help you understand what you are about to sign.

        Bennett Miller
        Bennett Miller

        Justic Client

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        We "partner" with our clients.

        Effective legal counsel is the foundation of success for any business. At Vassalcrest Attorneys, we work very hard to understand our clients’ businesses and objectives, then we fold our sleeves and get to work alongside them. As respected and experienced business lawyers, we have over the years, been able to achieve exceptional results in Technology law practice, White Collar Crime Defense and investigation, Startup Legal advisory, Intellectual Property protection, complex commercial briefs, cross-border transactions and general business law.

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        Software and Technology

        We specialize in software and technology and we are also proficient in handling various types of contracts related to software and technology. These contracts include SaaS licenses, agreements with channel providers and resellers, contracts for software design and development, agile contracts, as well as maintenance and service level agreements.

        Data Protection & Cybersecurity

        As Data protection & Cybersecurity lawyers, our firm provides expert legal advice on compliance with data protection laws. Our services include data mapping, privacy policy development, data transfer agreements, data retention policies, and robust cybersecurity measures. We help clients safeguard their sensitive information and ensure compliance with NDPR and the NDPB.

        Corporate Restructuring

        Our firm excels in corporate restructuring, offering expert legal guidance tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. We provide comprehensive assistance in navigating the complexities of corporate restructuring, including company formation at the CAC, mergers & acquisitions etc. Our services encompass strategic planning, due diligence, contract negotiations, regulatory compliance and implementation of restructuring plans.

        Fintech Law

        Our firm has a reputable track record when it comes to providing expert legal guidance in the dynamic field of financial technology. We assist clients with regulatory compliance, licensing, contracts, risk assessment, and dispute resolution. With our fintech expertise, we help clients navigate the complexities of the industry while ensuring legal compliance.

        Intellectual Property Law

        We provide expert counsel and assistance to clients in matters related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Our services include IP registration, enforcement of intellectual property rights, licensing agreements, and handling IP disputes. With our in-depth understanding of intellectual property laws and regulations, we help clients protect and maximize the value of their innovative creations and intellectual assets.

        Startup Legal Advisory

        As startup legal advisors, our firm offers comprehensive legal guidance specifically tailored for startups. We provide assistance across various legal areas crucial to startups, including entity formation, corporate governance, intellectual property protection, contract drafting, fundraising, and compliance matters. With our dedicated support, startups can confidently focus on growth and innovation, knowing that their legal needs are well taken care of.

        Venture Capital Law

        As experts in venture capital law, our firm provides specialized legal services tailored to the needs of venture capital transactions. We assist clients in all aspects of the venture capital lifecycle, including fundraising, investment structuring, due diligence, negotiation of term sheets and investment agreements, and exit strategies. Our team possesses extensive experience in advising both investors and startups, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and maximizing the potential for successful investment outcomes.

        White Collar Crime Defense and Fraud Investigation.

        As specialists in white-collar crime defense and fraud investigations, our firm offers expert legal support in these complex areas. We provide strategic counsel and representation to clients facing allegations of white-collar offenses, including fraud. Our services encompass thorough fraud investigations, legal defense, and guidance throughout the legal process. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we diligently protect our clients' rights and work towards achieving the best possible outcomes in white-collar crime cases.

        Entertainment Law

        In Nigeria's lively entertainment realm, having a top-tier entertainment law firm is quite crucial. That's where we come in.

        Our Process.

        A Predictable Journey In 4 Simple Steps.


        Step 1

        We arrange a short consultation call to delve into your objectives, the business' aspirations, and any pressing requirements.


        Step 2

        Following the meeting, we will compose and dispatch an invoice outlining the extent of the project and the financial commitment.

        Step 4

        Time is of essence. Waiting till tomorrow may lead to a costly litigation and loss of business goodwill.


        Step 3

        You assess the invoice, pose any question, and depending on your exposure we would determine how best to proceed.

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